Monday, June 21, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To the 2 national teams playing this weekend, a message from Nando's

12 O Clock South Africa came out of work and blew there vuvuzelas in celebration of the WC

Google has just released an option on there home page where you can have a wallpaper behind your search bar.

Simba "What's Your Lekker Flavour?" competition finalists

The top four flavours in the "What's Your Lekker Flavour?" competition have been announced!

They are Masala Steak Gatsby, 

Vetkoek & Polony, 

Snoek & Atchar

Walkie Talkie Chicken. 

All four flavours will go on sale at the beginning of June and will be available at all leading retailers.
This competition received over 187 000 entries and some very original and exciting flavour suggestions were put forward via SMS, MMS, mail and the website It stands to reason that with so many entries received that there would be duplicate flavour submissions. The majority of entries were representative of some of the foods that South Africans are fond of such as Bobotie, Oxtail, Fish & Chips, Pap & Wors, Snoek, Prawns and of course, Biltong!

Not sure about the snoek and atchar flavour!

Babes on Bikes

There is something about a girl on a bike, 
this dude took it to another level
and created a blog solely dedicated to it.

Apple introduces the iphone 4

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Google streetview launches in South Africa today

Street View takes Google Maps to a new level, allowing you to visually explore and navigate a neighbourhood through panoramic street-level photographs. It enables you to view and navigate 360 degree street level imagery of various cities around the world, providing greater understanding of a specific location or area.

Victoria road Camps Bay

Countries where street view is available

Car/Camera used