Friday, September 4, 2009

Controversial WWF Ad

The copy reads : The tsunami killed 100 times more people than 9/11. The planet is brutally powerful. Respect it. Preserve it.

Click for more detail..

Infanta rocks!

So my bro is a professional photographer.

This was a weekend up at the holiday house when we
decided to hit a photo mission.

The bottom pic is taken at night during a full moon, note the stars...

So they said it was spring! Some summer feeling in these/

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rad car installation


Thursday Afternoon lag!

There was a chicken and a horse playing together in a barn yard.
Suddenly the horse falls into a pit.
He yells to the chicken, "Go get the farmer, save me, save me !!!! "
The chicken goes looking for the farmer but can't find him. So he gets the
farmer's BMW and drives it over to the mud pit, lassos the horse, ties it
to the car and pulls him out.
The Horse says, "Thank you, Thank you, I owe you my life."
Then a couple days later they're playing again and this time the chicken
falls into the mud pit and the chicken says, "Help me Help me!!!
Go get the farmer!!!"
So the horse says, "No No No, I think I can get you."
The Horse stretches across the mud pit and tells the chicken,
"Grab onto my Willy." The chicken grabs on, the horse stretches back, and the horse Saves the chickens' life.
So whats the moral of the story ?????
If you have a willy the size of a horse then you don't need a BMW to pick up

Four eyed gals! Hot photography


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Ok this guy was definitely not intoxicated at all.... (Bokke written in the sign's dust). lol


Sunday, June 14, 2009

"back to the future"

And now ive seen it all, a remote control delorean lego car,
just like the one from 'Back to the future'...nice! 

While i was looking for the lego logo I stumbled apon a 
lego version of my favourite animation wall-e, 
as mentioned previously on the blackbook.

The tash on your bottle...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oscar winning movie "Wall-E"

A film set in the distant future, a small waste collecting robot inadvertently embarks on a space journey that will ultimately decide the fate of mankind. Wall-e i must say i one of the best pixar animated films i have ever seen. Wall-e is a constant mission to get with a robot called eve. This photo sums up the technical abilities of both robots comparing them to a mac and pc.

Monday, June 1, 2009

True Blood

One of the first Saturdays of winter i was sitting in the lounge watching series.. I was on "Worst week"It was pretty cool.  At the same time my bro and his girlfriend were watching "True Blood".They said here have an episode and you'll be hooked. So watched the episode an they were right..Shweet program! Try get your hands on it... Ive included a link of the intro...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Milk packaging

Its the weekend..... BABY!!!!

This is the best time of the week, 4:47pm Friday. What does the weekend have in store, where will you end up, who will you end up with.

Im Djing Rhino Room 9-10 this evening then probably Neighborhood and Fiction.

The Vodacom Bulls and the Chiefs are in the Super 14 final tomorrow and its also the Cape Town Good Food & Wine Show so whatever you do, do it in style!

Great little studio in OBZ

A great design studio situated in Obz Cape Town, they have killer clients such as "Balkanology" and "Nano Records" to name a few...

Untitled (Let's Get Lost)

Untitled (Let's Get Lost)

by Shaun Sundholm

This project is the firstborn child conceived from a life-long love affair with photography and typography. The photo series was shot at an abandoned (and rumored to be haunted) ranch in central Oregon and the type was inspired by my early days as a screen-printer. These pieces complete the sentences that the pictures and the words could never quite say on their own.Shaun Sundholm

Raunchy Axe Ads

In the caption it says : On the bed or on the boudoir?

In the caption it says : Finally! My fingers are burning.

Cool ads...

White lies

Whit lies, a new alternative band from Ealing in West London.

These guys seriously rock, Ive got my hands on there new album "To loose my life". Great from start to end but must highlight "A place to hide".Incredible stuff


This reminds me of the wall art in fiction but quite nice doing the mosaic over a picture wallpaper...

Here is a comprehensive list of winter specials i just had mailed to me. If you like me, you get a kick out of a good deal especially now in winter when you just seem to be hungry all the time.

Andiamo Two pastas + two glasses of wine R100 Everyday, lunch and dinner 021 421 3687 Alba Lounge Two pastas and two glasses of wine for R100 Everyday 021 425 3385

Aubergine Two courses R185 / three courses R245 Everyday 021 465 4909 Bravo 1kg of prawns for R69 Monday to Friday lunch and Tuesday evenings until the end of June 021 439 5260

Beluga Two course lunch R125 / three course dinner R165 Every day until the end of September don’t forget their year round specials: 1kg prawns R100 / 26 piece sushi platter R100 / half price sushi until 7pm 021 418 2948 Bungalow Crayfish R100 / Lamb Shank R100 / half price cocktails & tapas between 5pm and 7pm Everyday 021 438 0007

Two of their legendary burgers for the price of one Lunch and dinner, Monday to Thursday 3 course meal with Heineken R80 Friday nights 021 438 8315

Two course set lunch menu with glass of wine R125 / three course set lunch menu with glass of wine R165 / three course set dinner menu with glass of wine R195 Everyday 021 713 3222

Five Flies
Two course menu + glass of wine R125 Monday, Wednesday & Friday 021 424 4442 Geisha Half price sushi & dim sum before 7pm / 25% of noodle dishes Everyday 021 439 0533

Harbour House
Three course R150 / two course R130 Everyday except Sunday lunches 021 788 4133

Henri’s in Somerset West
Three courses R120 Everyday until end June 021 852 6442

Six course menu R150, paired with wines R225 Dinner only, everyday until end August 021 657 4545

Pepenero Rump with fries and sauce R80 / half price sushi / seafood platter for one R110 / 1kg of prawns with chips or rice R100 / oysters R9 each / sushi platter R90 / Osso Bucco with mash R90 / pasta of the day R55 Everyday 021 439 9027

Salushi (Claremont)
Half price sushi until 5pm / standard starter + noodle dish R70 Everyday 021 671 4271

Two courses with a glass of wine R100 / three courses with a glass of wine R125 Everyday
021 465 0967

Tank Half price sushi Everyday
021 419 0007

The Foodbarn
Three course meal R175 Everyday 021 789 1390 The Kove Parties of 4 get one of the meals free / half price on entire menu between 5pm & 6:45pm / 2 courses with glass of wine R100, 3 courses with glass of wine R130 Everyday
021 438 0004

Tobago’s at the Radisson 25% off tables of 4 or more Until end of June 021 441 3000 Tuscany Beach Order two main courses, get one free / 20% of all sushi and oysters Every night and lunches Monday to Friday 021 438 1213

Winelands: Buitenverwachting Three courses + carafe of wine R230 Everyday until end September 021 794 3522 Constantia Uitsig Three lunch courses R200, with carafe of wine R230 / 3 dinner courses R240, with carafe of wine R280 Everyday until end September 021 794 6500

Cuvee at Simonsig
Two courses with a glass of wine R125 / three course with a glass of wine R165 Until end June 021 888 4932

Jonkershuis at Groot Constantia Starter & main from the Cape Malay themed buffet R100 / add dessert R110 6pm to 9pm weekdays until end August 021 794 6255

La Colombe Three lunch courses R210, with carafe of wine R240 / 3 dinner courses R250, with carafe of wine R290 Everyday until end September 021 794 6500

Terroir Two courses R150 / three courses R195 Everyday until end September 021 880 8167

Event specials: Cape Colony restaurant at the Mount Nelson Four course pairing R350 Last Thurs of each month until end October 021 483 1948

Salt at the Ambassador hotel
Four course pairing R350 Last Thursday of each month until end October 021 439 7258

Continuous specials: Cafe Sofia Cooked breakfast for R20 Every day

Twenty six piece sushi platter R110 / seafood tasting platter R110 / sushi half price between 2pm and 5pm and all day sunday 021 421 5134

Societi Bistro & Labia Two pizzas + two Labia movie tickets R70 Monday and Tuesdays 021 418 9483


1st Entry to Blog World!

This is the 1st entry of the blackbookcapetown, more to follow when i have free time